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Please scroll down to view our full selection, including items from our bakery. 

Cocktail Sausages (tray contains 60 pieces) €10 
Mini Sausage Rolls (tray contains 50 pieces) €12 
Hot & Spicy coated Chicken Wings (tray contains 20 pieces) €12 
Breaded Chicken Breast Goujons (tray contains 20 pieces) €12 
Seasoned Potato Wedges per tray (feeds 6/8 people) €10 
Please Note: Food should be consumed within 90 minutes of purchase. 
Cocktail Sausages (tray contains 60 pieces) 
Mini Sausage Rolls (tray contains 40 pieces) 
Hot & Spicy coated Chicken Wings  
(tray contains 30 pieces) 
Breaded Chicken Breast Goujons  
(tray contains 30 pieces) 
Seasoned Potato Wedges per tray (feeds 10 people)  
Cajun Chicken Skewers (tray contains 20 pieces) 
Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls (tray contains 30 pieces)  
Above served with a selections of Dips: Sweet Chilli/ BBQ/ Garlic Mayonaisse: (200mls). 
Please Note: Finger food should be consumed within 90 minutes of purchase. 
Mixed selection of Granary, White Bread and Wraps filled with a variety of freshly prepared fillings. 
A deposit of €10.00 is required per order for presentation platters. 
Hand carved fresh Turkey Breast €99.50 
Honey Glazed Baked Ham €99.50 
Sliced Beef €129.50 
Fresh Salmon €129.50 
All served with a selection of 3kg Salads * from our Salad Selection, 2 fresh loaves of Sean's brown bread and Honey and Mustard viniagrette dressing. 
* See Salad Selection 
Note: Please keep Refrigerated. 
Baby Potato & Spring Onion salad 1kg. 
Sweeney's home made Creamy Coleslaw 1kg. 
Green Lentil and Muthgrain salad 1kg. 
Beetrot dressed in Balsamic Viniagrette 
Quinoa & Beetroot salad 1kg. 
Mexican Sweet Potato Salad 1kg.  
Cauliflour Cous-Cous salad 
Triple Rice Salad 
Carrot, Ginger and Chai Seed Salad 1kg. 
Pasta Spinach and Pine-nut Salad 1kg 
Tossed Green Garden Salad (2 bowls per serving) 
Note: 48 hours notice required 
Ham & cheese quiche 
Roast vegetable quiche 
Spinach & goats cheese quiche 
Quiches served with 2 bowls of green tossed salad (lettuce, tomatoe, onion and red pepper). 
Our Hot Buffet Catering Menu is great for all your family events and special occasions - includingh christenings, communions, confirmations, funerals, birthday parties, dinner parties and anniversaries. 
All our dishes are homemade with quality ingredients. 
Please call in and discuss your event with our Catering Manager who can guide you through the menu.  
Chicken Dishes €9.95 
Beef & Lamb Dishes €10.95 
Chicken Curry 
Beef Lasagna 
Beef Bourguignonne 
Thai Red or Green Chicken Curry 
Lamb Korma 
Lamb Tagine 
Vegetable Pasta Bake 
Chicken Cacciatore 
Chicken a la King 
Crispy Shredded Chicken Sweet & Sour 
All of the above served with Boiled Rice or Baby Boiled Potatoes. 
Note: Please consume within 90 minutes of collection.  
Our Menu is currently under review, however we have a full catering menu available so please contact us directly to confirm prices and availability. 
We can cater for all sizes of events and arrange loan catering equipment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or make a booking. 
Shephards Pie (serves 8) 
Beef Lasagna (serves 8) 
Vegitable & Pasta Bake (serves 6/8) 
Chicken & Pasta Bake (serves 6/8) 
Suitable for Home freezing 
Cheesecake round serves 8-10 
10" Baileys Cheesecake €30 
10" Oreo Cheesecake €30 
10" Mint Aero Cheesecake €30 
10" Malteaser Cheesecake €30 
10" Toblerone Cheesecake €30 
10" Strawberry Cheesecake €30 
10" Lemon Cheesecake €30 
10" Banoffee Pie €20 
10" Pavlova with fresh fruit & cream €12 
10" Homemade Deep Apple Pie or Crumble €12 
10" Lemon Merangue Pie €20 
Round Cakes 
8" Fresh Cream/Buttercream €15 
8" Cake with picture €20 
8" Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake €20 
8" Carrot Cake €25 
8" Chocolate Biscuit Cake from €55 
Square Cakes 
10" Fresh Cream/Buttercream €35 
10" Cake with picture €40 
10" Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake €35 
10" Carrot Cake €35 
10" Chocolate Biscuit Cake from €75 
12" Fresh Cream/Buttercream €45 
12" Cake with picture €50 
12" Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake €45 
12" Carrot Cake €45 
12" Chocolate Biscuit Cake from €90 
14" Fresh Cream/Buttercream €55 
14" Cake with picture €60 
14" Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake €60 
14" Chocolate Biscuit Cake from €110 
Flavoured Mixed Sponge Platter €30 
(20 pieces)  
Gluten Free Cake  
10" Orange & Almond Cake €30 
10" Beetroot & Chocolate Cake €30 
10" Sponge Cake €30 
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