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Sweeney’s Fine Foods bakery all started off in 2007 with the simple scone. Having taken time to perfect a light and soft texture we developed on from the classic fluffy plain scone to a zesty lemon, fruit and wholemeal scone. Since then our famous signature scones have taken on a life of their own. Delicious with a dollop of whipped cream and our homemade jam.  

Nowadays we produce an extensive range of sinfully delicious baked goods. Everything from custard slices to chocolate eclairs, almond tartlets to buttercream frosting cupcakes, and all kinds of individual desserts. Why not Indulge your sweet tooth with our mouthwatering treats. 
We also make a range of layer cakes for all occasions such as birthdays, christenings and anniversaries. 
Our bakery also take pride in our authentic bread range. We bake everything from a traditional French soft bread, a rustic Italian crust, an old fashioned Irish brown bread or even a health conscious Low GI Bread. 
We always bake fresh on site each day and throughout the day with high quality ingredients to provide you with the best of products. 

Occasion Cakes 

Why not make a birthday extra special with one of Sweeney’s Fine Foods delicious cakes. From novelty cakes to personal messages and photographs of your choice we can satisfy most wishes sure to put a smile on your face. All cakes are made to order. 48 hours notice required. Also look out for our seasonal cakes and treats. 

Classic Sponge Cake 

Freshly baked soft sponge, sandwiched with a layer of homemade strawberry jam and fresh Irish cream. Sides are coated with Belgian white or milk chocolate shavings. 

Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit 

Freshly baked soft sponge, spread with homemade strawberry jam, filled with a triple layer of freshly whipped Irish cream and delicious fresh fruit. Sides are coated with Belgian white or milk chocolate shavings and decorated with fresh fruit to finish. 

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake 

Belgian Chocolate Fudge cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache frosting. Sides are coated with Belgian white chocolate shavings. Total indulgence! 

Black Forest Gateau 

Decadent chocolate sponge cake with cherry fruit filling. Freshly baked chocolate sponge and spread with homemade cherry fruit filling, filled with a triple layer of fresh whipped Irish cream. Sides are coated with Belgian chocolate shavings. All messages on cakes are piped in chocolate and any photograph or graphic of your choice is made with edible sugar paste. Please ask in-store or contact us for further details. 
Have your cake 
your way 
Have your cake 
your way 
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